SSDI Claims Up During Economic Downturn

SSDI Claims Up During Economic Downturn

We are living in tough times, to be sure.

The number of Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, claims is reaching new heights these days thanks to an aging population and a sagging economy. As a result, the time it takes an applicant to receive a hearing is becoming longer and longer.

Many people with ailments were among the first to be let go by employers when the economy tanked and are having problems finding another job in which special accommodations might be made. This means more people are looking for benefits.

According to a recent report in the St. Petersburg Times, SSDI claims in Florida grew from 149,044 in 2007 to 197,960 in 2009 – a spike of 33%.

SSDI is a federal benefits program for those who are disabled and have earned enough income credits to qualify. More than half of applicants are denied on their first attempt, and it can sometimes take years to become qualified, according to reports.

Given today’s backlog, it is urgent that candidates apply as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is having difficulty obtaining disability benefits that you are entitled to, contact an experienced attorney who can handle your case.