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We are proud of the relationships we cultivate with our clients. At the heart of our firm, we are people helping people.

If you want an attorney to work hard for you this is the man you need to hire.

After being denied 2 times for disability I decided to retain a lawyer. Not knowing where to start and feeling helpless I googled disability attorneys near me. Mr. Alston’s office was a name that came up. Upon reading the reviews I chose to call and eventually hire him. If you want an attorney to work hard for you this is the man you need to hire. Mr.Alston and his office staff have been a godsend to me. This office has gone above and beyond my expectations. They took away all of my worries and were even able to win my case. Thank you so much, Mr. Alston and staff. I appreciate you all!!

– Lori

Would recommend without hesitation.

Very professional and attentive lawyer and staff. They answered all my questions promptly and their feedback regarding my social security claim was on point. The best endorsement that I can give is that they helped me prove my case.

– Melvin

I can’t thank Attorney Robert Alston and his staff at The Disability Law Firm enough for all their hard work and patience helping me through the Social Security Disability process.

I truly didn’t think I would be able to get disability after being turned down by Social Security. He and his staff stayed diligent and kept me informed and walked me through everything until the end. I’m so thankful to them for their help. It has truly made a huge difference, thank you.

– Kathy

Staff are extremely knowledgeable and thorough about the process. They also treat you with courtesy and respect. Would not hesitate to recommend.


This legal team is the best I have ever used.

Quick and easy. This legal team is the best I have ever used. When they say they will get things done, they mean it. Got my disability approved on the first try. They’re amazing. I personally recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you again.

– Bryan

They put in a lot of time and effort to help me get my disability you can’t ask for any better.

Very professional people when I had a question one phone call and everything was resolved. Everyone was so nice and pleasant to work with. I’m sure that you will be very pleased to work with this Law Firm. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help me.

– Howard

I would recommend them for any type of attorney interaction and especially for social security disability.

The process was so easy to deal with the people, all I did was fill out a questionnaire on social security and they were given to me by social security so that let me know that social security trusts this group. Everything was done by phone, but anytime I called, they called me right back if I had to leave a message. everybody in the office that I’ve dealt with was very very nice very easy to deal with answered all of my questions, it was just a great process. I got my disability in four months which is almost unheard of. They walked me through everything!

– Leslie

I’m thanking your staff for assistance in helping me win my Disability Claim, it was fast, no hassles, I recommend you highly and Thank you again!!!


I can’t thank The Disability Law Firm employees and attorney Robert Alston enough for the excellent, competent and professional way they handled my case.

I was very skeptical about having any chance of winning and at one point, ready to just give up. I was reassured by attorney Alston and his staff that I did have a good case and to trust his judgement and experience. Throw out the stereotypical comments one often hears about lawyers and attorneys as this man has his heart and soul immersed in helping those less fortunate and in need, and for what I would consider totally underpaid for the results obtained, at least in my situation. Based on my experience, you will be in excellent hands and totally satisfied selecting the Disability Law Firm in any dealings with Social Security Disability. Thanks again!

– Gary

We were extremely pleased with our interactions with not only Rob but all of his staff.

All questions were answered and we were informed of each step to be looking for in the near and long term future. All phone calls were returned promptly. We would recommend this practice with the highest referral rating possible.

– Melissa

Highly recommend.

Thank you so much for the excellent professional Christian service and assistance. Your response and faithful approach during a difficult trying experience reassured me along the journey of a Disabilty claim. Highly recommend your services.

– Tania

This firm goes above and beyond to help their clients. Treated with compassion, prompt responses to messages, and they truly want to help their clients.


Amazing experience with outstanding professionals.

– Robin

They will bend over backwards for you

Mr Robert Alston & his whole staff did exactly what they said they would do….They even worked on my case when I didn’t….Robert was able to get more than what I was actually expecting….I recommend The Disability Law Firm 150%…They will bend over backwards for you.

– Scott

Exceptional service from the beginning!! Would recommend without hesitation!


I wanted to thank The Disability Law Firm P.A. in Dade City for all of their hard work.

First they listened to me and never treated me less then I deserved. They always told me the truth, not just want I wanted to hear. This was such an easy decision to go with this law firm, they treat you like family. They were successful in attaining a favorable decision in my Social Security disability claim. I highly recommend anyone that has a case to please seek out this law firm.

– Rosemarie

READ THIS REVIEW FIRST. This Law Firm is phenomenal!

Entire staff is helpful, compassionate & returns phone calls In a timely manner. They will not allow you to get lost along the way. We handled all business over the phone due to our distance apart. Robert Alston and his firm came highly recommended to me..so I’m highly recommending him to others. If you want the best…then stop here.


Excellent law firm. Compassionate and caring staff. Would highly recommend.


They were great!

We did everything by phone and I couldn’t be more pleased. Mr. Alston and his staff were so helpful and friendly I am truly grateful to them for helping me get my disability. I highly recommend this firm.


Thanks to their assistance, my application was approved on the first try!

Robert and his staff provided all the info I needed to know to apply for disability and even submitted the application for me. They kept me updated during the only 5 month process. I had many questions that were always answered the same day.


The entire staff is knowledgeable and friendly. From day one they treated me as if I was the most important person in the world.

They helped educate me throughout the process so that both of us would be best prepared to handle my disability case. A lot more items factor into the disability equation than the government informs you on their site. The disability law firm kept me updated on the continuing long and tedious process of filing, waiting, rejection and hoops to jump through. They understand and educate you not only on the legal issues, but the medical issues and their affect on you and your claim.

Everyone needs Robert Alston and his team on their side. It’s best to have them from day one, that’s what I did and I never regretted that decision.


They know you by your name, not a case number. Robert Alston is a world class person and it trickles down to his staff and they all are the best of the best. If your looking for a firm to take a personal and professional representation of you and your case then this firm is for you. No need to look at any further. Robert (Bob) and his staff are the nicest and accurate people you’ll ever work with anywhere. Even after the judgment ruling they continue to educate you about what the future holds and how to be prepared /handle it. Choose what you deserve and that’s the best. The disability law firm is the best.

– Ron

This law firm was the best call we ever made.

My wife got treated terrible by Morgan and Morgan. We chose this firm because of the hometown loyalty he provided. I highly recommend him for any disability needs.

– David

I was referred to Robert by a dear friend who couldn’t say enough good things about his firm!

It took me one visit to realize that Christy was a dream to work with! She was caring and compassionate and very informative! She respects and represents Mr Alston with such sincerity that she also shares with the clients! Meeting Mr Alston also confirmed my thoughts of the goodness in people in this world. His assistance was so reassuring and kind! And of course Betsy who constantly put up with my calls and was also kind and informative! Thank you all so very much! And God bless you all!

– Carla

I am so amazed at the time and effort that he and his entire staff has taken to make sure that I get my case won.

I have Mr. Alston presently as my lawyer and I am so amazed at the time and effort that he and his entire staff has taken to make sure that I get my case won. The staff..especially Betsy and Christie have been most helpful when I call with all of my questions and concerns. Always taking my phone calls and returning my call at a timely manner. I say thank you to all of you and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a disability lawyer.

– Ella

Mr. Alston helped with my disability case when no one else would listen or help. He answered all my questions and was very honest with me. He was there to help me and he did.


We were and are still grateful for his expertise.

We were so discouraged with the process and bureaucracy involved in filing for disability. The wearing down of an individual who is already I’ll is no kind journey. Mr Alston and his Staff made this miserable time in our lives much more worth it and when it was over… We were rewarded with a shockingly wonderful victory!! We were and are still grateful for his expertise.

– Kate

They worked hard and got results for me and I totally appreciate everything they did to help me with my case.

My disability was a long road to the end when I finally received my Social Security Disability. Original application and appeal was declined, with the help of a The Disability Law Firm my disability was approved once we went to court. It was worth every penny that they earned from my back pay.


We felt that all major decisions in the case were made transparently, explained fully, and acted on only upon our full understanding and agreement.

You see a lot of slick television ads for lawyers that talk about aggressive tactics, high monetary awards, and large support teams. What my wife and I found in Robert Alston and his caring team at The Disability Law Firm was a quiet, small, but highly effective legal team that represented us superbly over a lengthy and complex litigation against multiple, larger legal firms and corporate agendas.

From the beginning and at every step along the way of a five year odyssey, Robert and his team guided our steps, listened intently to our needs, answered all of our many questions, and pointed out all of our options so that we always felt comfortable with the legal process and confident of all decisions we needed to make. My wife and I never realized that a “simple” auto accident could have turned into such a complex and protracted battle but even when Robert recommended the addition of a special co-counsel to the team, we felt that all major decisions in the case were made transparently, explained fully, and acted on only upon our full understanding and agreement.

We were provided all opportunities we needed to sit down or just communicate with the team so that we were always at the center of the litigation process; our needs, our concerns, and our expectations. Settled ultimately out of court, My wife and I felt that the litigation was resolved with the best possible outcome in a way that was fair, ethical, and extremely satisfying. If my wife and I ever have need of legal advice or representation again, there is no team we would trust more than Robert Alston and his Disability Law Firm.


Great Lawyer!!! Always answered the phone. Helped with my Disability case!! Betsy and Christy were amazing.


Thank you to this firm for what they do for so many. Very caring and compassionate.


He ended up being the nicest guy, and went to court with me so prepared.

I was always afraid of lawyers and worried when I first went to talk to him. He ended up being the nicest guy, and went to court with me so prepared. We ended up winning in like ten minutes.


He made me feel comfortable in a stressful situation.

Mr. Alston was very professional and informed on my disability situation. He explained everything that I could expect at the hearing. He made me feel comfortable in a stressful situation.