Expert Legal Counsel for Auto Accidents a Must Have in Accident Prone Tampa Bay

Expert Legal Counsel for Auto Accidents a Must Have in Accident Prone Tampa Bay

The paramedics from the Tampa, Fla. based Street Smart program know the effects of serious auto accidents. Each time they go into a school, community, or military base, it does not take long for the violent photos and videos to emphasize how deadly choices and automobiles can be. The Tampa Bay branch of the Stay Alive From Education (S.A.F.E.) does the presentations so that individuals can learn the lesson of each crash – were seat belts worn, drugs or alcohol involved, cell phone being used, or drivers not paying attention.

Florida has one of the highest rates of automobile accidents. Many times drivers and passengers not only have financial damage, but physical and mental pain and suffering. Oftentimes, this pain might not be debilitating in the weeks after an accident, but months and years later it can produce frustrating chronic pain.

Some insurance providers will want to settle quickly in order to protect their costs, so individuals are advised to get legal counsel early to protect their rights. Experienced auto accident attorneys have medical experts and estimators to project future losses and costs that are a result of an auto accident. Insurance coverage is complex, so an auto accident attorney who is skilled in auto policy coverage is a huge benefit. No matter what an individual drives – car, truck, or motorcycle – they will benefit from having an attorney while navigating through their claim.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that car accident injuries can affect every part of the body and no two accidents are the same. The top injuries are:

Whiplash – involves soft tissue injuries that effect ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Rear and side impact accidents are the most often cause and many symptoms get worse with time.

Back Injuries – from sprains and strains to herniated discs and fractured vertebrae, back injuries must be taken seriously. These injuries can prevent physical movement and even make sitting in an office chair impossible for long lengths of time.

Psychological Injuries – Post-traumatic stress disorder can result in a fear of driving and are common effects of a serious automobile crashes.

Brain Injuries – bruising or bleeding of the brain can drastically impair brain and body functions. Traumatic brain injuries are caused when an external force injures the brain. Individuals and their caretakers should be diligent about checking for memory loss, chronic headaches, as well as loss of smell, taste, and dexterity.

Auto accident attorneys know the importance of fighting for their clients’ rights since accident injuries can require the need for physical therapy, in-home care, medical equipment, surgery, and numerous physician visits. At The Disability Law Firm, their professional excellence and notable track record for auto accident clients is the peace of mind individuals deserve. Their lead Tampa and Zephyrhills auto accident attorney, Robert C. Alston, has practiced injury law for more than 10 years and prior to law school was a licensed insurance agent. He knows all the ins and outs of auto insurance coverage and what rights and benefits are available.