Precautions for Springtime as Outdoor Activities and Potential for Dog Bites Increase

Precautions for Springtime as Outdoor Activities and Potential for Dog Bites Increase

Since Florida is a “no free bite statute” state, a dog owner is liable when his or her pet bites a person or another domestic animal. It doesn’t matter if the dog has a history of biting people unless a bad dog sign is displayed. Since most dog owners do not want to show off such an inviting sign, it is best to know the precautions owners and others should take, especially since the springtime means lots of outdoor activities.

An estimated 800,000 individuals nationwide are victims of dog bites and need medical and legal counsel as a result. The majority of the incidences happen in the dog owner’s residence. Half of the victims are children, with dog bites causing the second most childhood injuries after playground mishaps.

Infections, scars, and subsequent surgeries can make a dog bite a medical and financial concern. In contrast to children, adults need to be mindful of lost wages that result from being out of work to take care of extensive injuries. All individuals are susceptible to conditions that can spread to other parts of the body, so prompt medical attention is critical to prevent more serious complications.

Taking photographs and documenting what happened during the dog bite event is very important. Pictures right after the attack, as well as pictures during the healing process will show the extent of the dog bite. Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover dog bites, but the trend is moving toward separate policies for this as settlements skyrocket and account for 30 percent of liability claims.

Getting legal counsel early helps protect the individual and their family. A serious injury lawyer will help deal with the insurance company. Many times insurance adjusters push individuals to settle their claims before the dog bite victim has fully recovered. An experienced dog bite lawyer will know how to handle the adjuster and advise the victim regarding consequences of a settlement.

In Tampa, The Disability Law Firm handles cases with serious injuries from dog bites. They counsel clients on their rights to compensation, medical care, and pain and suffering. Their lead Tampa serious injury attorney Robert C. Alston has a background in insurance and legal expertise with more than 10 years of a successful track record.